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I’m grateful that I had the chance to experience MindFit and receive mentorship from the MindFit staff and tutors. Without them, I’m not sure I’d be in the position that I am today. 

Each tutor has a different style, but they accommodate to whichever style works the best for you. The tutor that is assigned to you is knowledgeable in the subject at hand already, so there’s no need to worry about asking any questions. These people challenged me and wanted to see me succeed, even if I got annoyed with them at times, I can’t thank them enough.

Colin Johnson, class of 2018

We offer three types of services:

 LD/ADHD Consultation and Assessment

The MindFit consultation assesses the difficulties WVU students may be having, as well as highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses that can serve as the basis for a comprehensive treatment plan to augment students’ personal and academic success.  We also offer comprehensive psychoeducational testing to assess for learning disorders and attention problems.

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 Academic Enhancement Services

MindFit offers academic support in two forms. Learning Skill Consultations are short-term academic coaching sessions for any WVU student who wants to improve their classroom performance.  Our Academic Coaching program provides semester-long academic and executive functioning coaching for students who learn differently along with content tutoring. This includes but is not limited to students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), students who are on the Autism Spectrum and other learning-related difficulties.

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Cognitive Enhancement Services

We utilize non-pharmacological interventions including cognitive training and neurofeedback to improve attention span, memory and cognitive functioning.

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Ranked among the Best College Programs for Students With ADHD.


Certified CRLA Tutor Program

Our College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification helps us create, improve, and expand tutor and mentor training.

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