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Academic Coaching

MindFit Academic Enhancement offers comprehensive academic support services to students who learn differently.

We are now taking applications for the Fall 2024 semester!!

We provide semester-long academic coaching, mentoring, and weekly support meetings to students with attention or learning difficulties. Our program supports students in maintaining their focus, accomplishing their educational goals by providing students with support in study skills, time management, goal-setting, problem solving, and self-monitoring skills. 

We are excited to announce that we are rolling out some new additions and enhancements to our program for the Fall 2022 semester! Here's a look into what's to come: 

  • More social events for the students of MindFit to take part in and get to further build relationships with one another, such as,
    • Semester kick off events
    • Events arranged with Adventure WV
  •  A destress zone – a lounge type area where students come stop by during the day to take a minute [or more!] to themselves and destress in between the hustle and bustle of being a college student  
  •  Beginning of semester 1:1 academic coaching with a member of the MindFit Leadership for each student 
    • We want students to start the semester off on a great foot by sharing and instilling the brass tacks of how to study, when to study, and what academic habits breed the best results throughout the entirety of the semester.


  • All academic coaches are certified through the College Reading Learning Association.
  • Coaches are trained to work specifically with students who may learn differently.
  • Students work with the same coach for the duration of an entire semester and sometimes longer.
  • All academic coaching sessions are one-on-one and includes content-based support, executive function support, and mentoring in skills such as time management and study strategies.
  • Students have access to our learning center and can utilize computers and quiet study areas for sessions and personal study time.
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All options include one-on-one individualized coaching with a CRLA certified coach and use of MindFit Academic Enhancement facilities including main learning space, lounge, and printer.

Standard: 3-4 hours per week $2,400/semester
Expanded: 5-6 hours per week $2,800/semester
Total: 7-8 hours per week $3,200/semester

We offer a limited package (1-2 hours per week $2,000/semester) to returning MindFit students. 

Eligible West Virginia residents can receive funding for their support through the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services. Please contact your local office for more information. Out-of-state students, there may be a similar agency in your home state that provides funding for coaching.


For more information on payment methods, please visit our  Payment Options page.

How to Apply

Find out more about the application process here

We are now taking applications for the Fall 2024 semester!!

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