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Training For Your Brain

At MindFit, we offer two forms of cognitive enhancement: Cognitive Training and Neurofeedback.

Cognitive Training involves a series of mental exercises, in a game-like format, that helps individuals improve their attention span and memory. Neurofeedback uses EEG patterning to help you learn to modulate brain wave activity to ensure peak attention and cognitive functioning. When used in conjunction, students who undergo cognitive and neurofeedback training have been shown to make substantial improvements in those areas of deficit that characterize ADHD. In other words, the MindFit Program is like a “mental gym” that helps students strengthen their attention, focus, memory, and motivation, without the need for medication.

The improvements incurred from Cognitive and Neurofeedback Training have been demonstrated to remain even after training has ended, meaning the only side-effect of the MindFit Program is success!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Dan Long at 304.293.6700. 


Cognitive Enhancement Training consists of 20 sessions spanning the entire semester. All 20 sessions are priced at $500.


To pay by credit card for MindFit's cognitive enhancement services, please visit our secure WVU Ecommerce site.

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