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How is MindFit Academic Enhancement different from other tutoring on campus?

MindFit Academic Enhancement is one-on-one, peer-to-peer academic coaching. Our coaches are matched with a student for the entire semester (or longer). Appointments are scheduled at the start of the semester and occur on the same day/time throughout the term.  This long-term structure allows for our coaches and students to develop a semester-long plan for academic skill development. This long-term relationship also allows for mentorship.

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is where students learn to become more effective learners and improve their executive functioning skills. Academic coaching is a major component of our academic enhancement program. Our coaches do more than assist students with their course content; MindFit coaches utilize the course content as a gateway to help students develop their own academic capacity.

How can I pay for MindFit?

We offer an online payment option through e-commerce or you can pay by mailing or dropping off a check. MindFit also accepts payments from some third party vendors including the VA. Eligible West Virginia residents can receive funding for tutoring through the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services. Similar agencies exist to provide out-of-state students with funding.

Information regarding billing is sent closer to the start of the semester. If you have specific questions about billing information, please call or email the MindFit program.

What do my fees include?

Fees include coaching sessions, weekly or monthly meetings with the Program Coordinator, and use of the MindFit tutoring room located on the downtown WVU campus in Stewart Hall B-20. Here MindFit students can print, scan, and copy for free as well as have access to our computer lab. MindFit also has a small library of textbooks students and tutors can use during tutoring sessions.  Fees also include discounted cognitive enhancement services and psychoeducational testing. Many students take advantage of these additional services to help maximize the power of our program.

How does scheduling work?

Students will be contacted by their coaches the first week of classes to set up an initial meeting. Here, students and coaches will compare schedules and decide on times to meet based on the coaching package the student signs up for. Students will then meet with their Academic Coach the same time every week until the end of the semester.

Where is MindFit located?

MindFit's Coaching Center is located on the downtown campus in Stewart Hall B-20. The offices for Screening and Cognitive Enhancement are located at the Carruth Center in the WVU Health & Education Building on the Evansdale campus.

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