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We offer cutting edge tools for students to strengthen their academic skills, content knowledge, memory, attention span, and cognitive function.

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We have a program to fit your needs, no matter what type of student you are.

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Assessment Services

We can help assess difficulties WVU students may be having, as well offer treatment plan options. We also offer comprehensive psychoeducational testing to assess for learning disorders and attention problems.

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Academic Enhancement

MindFit offers  Learning Skill Consultations   for  any WVU student who wants to improve their classroom performance as well as a  semester-long  Academic Coaching  program for students who learn differently.

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Cognitive Enhancement

Our Cognitive Enhancement program utilizes non-pharmacological interventions including cognitive training and neurofeedback to improve attention span, memory and cognitive functioning. 

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Recognized as a Top College Program for Students with ADHD by Best Value Colleges

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I’m grateful that I had the chance to experience MindFit and receive mentorship from the MindFit staff. Without them, I’m not sure I’d be in the position that I am today.

Each mentor has a different style, but they accommodate to whichever style works the best for you. These people challenged me and wanted to see me succeed, even if I got annoyed with them at times, I can’t thank them enough.
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Colin Johnson, class of 2018

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